Connecticut Work Comp Class Codes

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes

Looking for Connecticut workers compensation class codes? In the state of Connecticut, workers comp classifications are governed by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

You can view our reference guide for finding CT class codes by visiting our page for NCCI codes, or clicking the image to the right.

For complete and authoritative classification information, you will need to purchase a Scopes Manual from NCCI (Link provided), as well as other great underwriting material.

For other helpful underwriting products and services, you can visit the NCCI Online Catalog, or the IRMI Online Catalog.

Connecticut Workers Compensation Rates

Looking for Connecticut workers compensation rates? Visit our page for workers compensation rates by state. Our list contains estimated base rates for the state of Connecticut. Rates will vary from one insurance company to another. Rates will also vary based on other factors such as:

Connecticut Workers Compensation Rates

Connecticut Workers Compensation Rates


  • Years in business
  • Experience Modification Rate (MOD)
  • Size of deductible
  • Years of consecutive coverage / gaps in coverage
  • Financial condition of the company
  • Trajection of the company size (increase or decrease)
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Quality of safety programs (if any)
  • Employee return-to-work programs
  • And many other factors!


CT Work Comp Overview

Connecticut is a “mandatory” workers compensation state. This means that all employers in the state of Connecticut are required to carry workers compensation insurance.CT Work Comp Overview

  • Work Comp mandatory
  • Wavers are permitted
  • Numerical exemptions not allowed
  • Employees retain choice of physician if managed care plan is not already established
  • Comp benefits paid 3 days after injury
  • State fund carrier: Travelers

Connecticut Workers Compensation State Resources

State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission:

999 Asylum Ave
Hartford, CT
(860) 566-4154
90 Court St #3
Middletown, CT
(860) 344-7453
21 Oak St #400
Hartford, CT
(860) 493-1500

Connecticut Insurance Department:

153 Market Street
7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes