Mississippi Work Comp Class Codes

Mississippi Workers Compensation Class Codes

Mississippi Workers Compensation Class Codes

Looking for Mississippi workers compensation class codes? Mississippi is an NCCI state. NCCI stands for the National Council on Compensation Insurance, and they are the governing authority for workers compensation classifications for most U.S. states. You can view our free online list of MS workers compensation classifications at NCCI codes. You may also view our guide by clicking the image to the right.

Our guide for locating NCCI Codes will help you find all codes and a general description of each code. For authoritative workers compensation classifications you will need an NCCI Scopes Manual. You can purchase an NCCI scopes manual from the NCCI online catalog.

For other helpful underwriting products and services, you can visit the NCCI Online Catalog, or the IRMI Online Catalog.

*Disclaimer: This site is intended to serve as a quick search reference guide. For authoritative underwriting information, the viewer will need to purchase an NCCI scopes manual.

Mississippi Workers Compensation Rates

Looking for Mississippi workers compensation rates? Visit our page for workers compensation rates by state. Our list contains estimated base rates for the state of Mississippi. Rates will vary from one insurance company to another. Rates will also vary based on other factors such as:

Mississippi Workers Compensation Rates

Mississippi Workers Compensation Rates


  • Years in business
  • Experience Modification Rate (MOD)
  • Size of deductible
  • Years of consecutive coverage / gaps in coverage
  • Financial condition of the company
  • Trajection of the company size (increase or decrease)
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Quality of safety programs (if any)
  • Employee return-to-work programs
  • And many other factors!


Mississippi Workers Compensation State Resources

Mississippi Insurance Department
1001 Woolfolk State Office Building
501 North West Street
Jackson, MS 39201
Call: 601-359-3569
URL: https://www.mid.ms.gov/
Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission
1428 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, Mississippi, 39216
Call: 601-987-4200
URL: https://www.mwcc.state.ms.us/

Mississippi Workers Compensation Base Rates (Manual Rates)

Disclaimer: Mississippi manual rates / base rates are estimated based on the loss costs published by each state. Actual rates for various insurance carriers may vary.

Code General Description 2015 Base Rate
0042 Landscaping $11.89
3632 Machine Shop $6.56
3821 Salvage Yard $9.73
5022 Masonry $13.12
5183 Plumbing $8.03
5190 Electrical $6.74
5221 Concrete Construction $7.59
5437 Carpentry/Trim $10.85
5474 Painting $11.05
5478 Flooring $10.89
5645 Carpentry NOC Residential Construction $26.70
7228 Short Haul Trucking $12.46
8006 Gas Station $5.08
8017 Retail Store $4.01
8380 Auto Shop $6.63
8742 Outside Sales $1.12
8810 Clerical $0.57
8832 Doctor’s Office $0.62
8835 Home Health Care $3.30
9012 Building Operations by Owner $3.24
9014 Janitorial $4.95
9015 Building Ops by Contractor $7.48
9082 Restaurant $3.68
9083 Restaurant Fast Food $2.80
9102 Lawn Care $5.02

Mississippi State Classification Information

  • Mississippi State Jurisdiction: National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
  • NCCI Collect the following policy and statistical data on behalf of Mississippi:
    • Workers Compensation
    • Voluntary Compensation
    • Employers Liability
    • USL&H: United States Longshore and Harbor
    • Alternative Compensation
    • Financial Call Data
    • Detailed Claim Information
    • Data Call Transactions
  • MS Statistical Plan: NCCI’s Statistical Plan for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • NCCI Performs the following core services for the state of Mississippi:
    • NCCI Files loss costs on behalf of Mississippi
    • NCCI Produces intrastate and interstate experience modification rates
    • NCCI provides proof of coverage data to the Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission
    • NCCI is the Residual Market Plan Administer for Mississippi
Mississippi Workers Compensation Classifications

Mississippi Workers Compensation Classifications

Mississippi Workers Compensation Class Codes