NCCI Codes

Looking for an online list of NCCI Codes? See below for the top 7 free online resources to view NCCI Codes online.

The published lists referenced only contain a general index listing, not a complete scopes manual. Workers’ compensation class code lists such as these may be helpful for a quick lookup, but for underwriting purposes, you will need a complete and authoritative guide.

The only complete and authoritative guide regarding NCCI class codes is provided by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). Although states might use and publish quick reference descriptions for NCCI class codes, there are various and unique exclusions and inclusions that are specific to each state. The only complete and authoritative NCCI code list is called the Scopes Manual.

You can purchase an NCCI scopes manual by visiting their online catalog at

Top 7 Resources for Free Online NCCI Class Code Lists


NCCI Class Codes1.) The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation publishes a State Fund Manual that contains a list of NCCI codes in both alphabetical and numerical order. The alphabetical list includes a brief general description for each code. The list in numerical order includes a more descriptive definition of the scope of each particular class code. You can view the Ohio BWC manual by clicking the linked image below.

This resource is ranked number one for its all-in-one contents. Depending on your situation, you might need an alphabetic index, numerical index, or a more in-depth description of the class code. This resource has the best combination of all three.

Citation: Governor John R. Kasich & BWC Administrator/CEO Stephen Buehrer. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Ohio BWC State Insurance Fund Manual. Rev July 2012. Web. February 26, 2016.

NCCI Classification Codes2.) The Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau created an online lookup for NCCI class codes. With their online lookup tool, you can search for codes by entering either the WC code or keyword/key-phrase. Additionally, the WCRB also publishes a complete list of their workers compensation codes in PDF format by phraseology order and numerical order. You can visit their website going to or by clicking the linked image below.

While we have ranked this resource as 2nd best, it is the very best option for an online lookup tool. With their database, it is very easy for online searchers to track down the code they need to find. It also includes a very descriptive scope/definition for each code.

Citation: “Class Code Lookup.” Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau. Web. February 26, 2016.

Workers Compensation Classification Manual

3.) The Michigan Workers’ Compensation Placement Facility has made a very helpful list of classification definitions. You can view their list of workers compensation class code definitions by clicking the linked image below.

This resource is the very best for in-depth definitions of work comp class codes. The CAOM manual includes the following:

  • Detailed definitions for each code
  • Examples of operations covered by each class code
  • Examples of excluded operations
  • If a closely related operation is excluded from coverage, this resource specifies the other possible codes.

“Classification Definitions” Michigan Workers’ Compensation Placement Facility. January 2016. Web. February 26, 2016.


4-7.) The following resources are similar to the ones listed above. These will be particularly helpful if they so happen to be from the state of which you’re looking for work comp codes.

How to find WC Class Codes for other states

Is the list of work comp class codes for your state not on this page? Try copy and pasting the  following searches in our customized google search engine below:

  • [your state] workers compensation manual
  • [your state] work comp basic underwriting guidelines
  • [your state] workers compensation manual
  • [your state] work comp basic underwriting guidelines
  • [your state] workers compensation manual
  • [your state] work comp underwriting manual
  • [your state] WC class codes
  • Or any variation of the searches above!

NCCI Codes