Workers Compensation Class Codes

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What are work comp class codes?

Workers Compensation Class Codes

Workers Compensation Class Codes

Workers compensation class codes are codes that the insurance companies use to identify specific categories of work. For instance, you know a contractor supervisor by his title, however an insurance company knows him as “5606”.

Insurance companies need to be able to categorize various types of work into class codes to be able to effectively estimate workers compensation rates for each type of work.

For example, a 5606  (Contractor) will have more expensive work comp rate than an 8810 (Clerical) employee, because more dangerous work is being performed.

The insurance companies will then take all losses accumulated by each class code, and use them to factor a base rate for that type of work. If a particular company has proven to have losses above or below the industry average, their rate of insurance will adjust accordingly.

Why do some states have different class codes for the same type of work?

The rules and regulations for work comp are unique for every state. Most states utilize the NCCI class code system. They are the national council on compensation insurance, and have helped add consistency for work comp classifications across state lines. With states that use the NCCI workers compensation class codes, the classifications remain the same for each of those states. However, some states still remain independent, or monopolistic.

What is the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)?

NCCI is and independent advisory organization that is largely funded by insurance companies. Most insurance companies use the NCCI for various services, including statistical data for workers compensation rates. NCCI functions to obtain and provide accurate statistical loss data that is used to set manual rates for workers compensation insurance. NCCI is the most widely used classification system in the United States.

What states do not use the NCCI classification codes?

There are only a few states that do not use the NCCI workers compensation class codes. Those states are California, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Texas has recently converted over to the NCCI classification system; however, they do have significant variations in specific classification rules. While most states do use the NCCI class codes, it is important to remember that some states have additional workers compensation class codes that are unique to their state.

What is the NCCI Scopes Manual?

The NCCI scopes manual is used by insurance professionals (Such as underwriters) to identify the class code associated with each type of occupational work. The code is a three or four digit number associated to each type, or “classification” of work. The scopes manual offers detailed underwriting information that elaborates on how every type of work should be classified. Since the scopes manual is the industry standard for workers compensation class codes, it is important for every underwriter to have a copy. You can purchase directly from the NCCI Online Catalog.

Workers Compensation Class Code Chart

Use our chart below to find and view a comprehensive index of work comp classification codes for your state. Our class code lists also include a general description for each code, as well a link to the governing authority that published the list for your state.

Workers Compensation Classifications

Workers Compensation Classifications: State Reference Guide

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Applicable Class Code List
Jurisdiction (Links to respective sites)
Alabama NCCI Codes Alabama Department of Insurance
Alaska NCCI Codes Alaska DOL: Workforce Development
Arizona NCCI Codes Arizona Department of Insurance
Arkansas NCCI Codes Arkansas Insurance Department
California CA Class Codes Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of CA
Colorado NCCI Codes Colorado Division of Workers Compensation
Connecticut NCCI Codes Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission
Delaware DE Class Codes Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau
Florida NCCI Codes Florida Division of Workers Compensation
Georgia NCCI Codes Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation
Hawaii NCCI Codes Hawaii Department of Insurance
Idaho NCCI Codes Idaho Department of Insurance
Illinois NCCI Codes Illinois Department of Insurance
Indiana NCCI Codes Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau
Iowa NCCI Codes Iowa Workforce Development: Division of Workers Comp
Kansas NCCI Codes Kansas Insurance Department
Kentucky NCCI Codes Kentucky Department of Insurance
Louisiana NCCI Codes Louisiana Department of Insurance
Maine NCCI Codes Maine Workers Compensation Board
Maryland NCCI Codes Maryland Workers Compensation Commission
Massachusetts MA Class Codes WC Rating and Inspection Bureau of MA
Michigan MI Class Codes Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan 
Minnesota MN Class Codes Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association
Mississippi NCCI Codes Mississippi Insurance Department
Missouri NCCI Codes Missouri DOL: Division of Workers Compensation
Montana NCCI Codes Montana Department of Labor and Industry
Nebraska NCCI Codes Nebraska Department of Insurance
Nevada NCCI Codes Nevada Division of Insurance
New Hampshire NCCI Codes New Hampshire DOL: Workers Compensation Division
New Jersey NJ Class Codes NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau
New Mexico NCCI Codes New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration
New York NY Class Codes New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board
North Carolina NCCI Codes North Carolina Rate Bureau 
North Dakota ND Class Codes Workforce Safety and Insurance
Ohio NCCI Codes Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Oklahoma NCCI Codes Oklahoma Insurance Department
Oregon NCCI Codes Oregon Insurance Division
Pennsylvania PA Class Codes Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau
Rhode Island NCCI Codes Rhode Island DOL: Division of WC
South Carolina NCCI Codes South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission
South Dakota NCCI Codes South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
Tennessee NCCI Codes Tennessee DOL and Workforce Development
Texas TX Class Codes Texas Department of Insurance
Utah NCCI Codes Labor Commission of Utah
Vermont NCCI Codes Vermont Department of Labor WC Division
Virginia NCCI Codes Virginia Workers Compensation Commission
Washington WA Class Codes Washington Department of Labor and Industries 
West Virginia NCCI Codes West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Wisconsin WI Class Codes Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau
Wyoming NAICS Code List Wyoming Workers’ Safety and Compensation

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Workers Compensation Class Codes